The Leap Within Ep.1

The Leap Within Ep.1

Have you ever dreamed off doing the ultimate around the world trip or moving to a country you’ve dreamt about?

Do you feel like something is missing in your life and you need to find more purpose and create a more fulfilling life to yourself and your family?

What if you took that leap. Packed up your bags and went for it?

Our life was good back home. We had a roof on top of us, food to eat and a relationship that we cherished.

Sure we had our challenges. Stressful work, little free time and big dreams that were never going to come reality with the current pace of life.

Out of no where we found out that we were going to be forced to move out of our apartment because of a plumping renovations.

We take these gratitude walks along the sea in Finland where we talk about the things we want to achieve, and do and the things we are grateful right now.

We tried to figure out how to take advantage of this misfortune and how we could benefit from the plumbing renovation.

Our solution was to take the scary leap within, pack our belongings and sell our furniture to move to New Zealand.


To see if life on the other side of the world would be better and opportunities more plentiful.

This is our solution and we’d like to invite you to join our journey and follow along. ‪#‎theleapwithin‬ The Leap Within with Johanna Salonen and Jussi Tarvainen

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Music from Premium Beat “Different Futures”

Camera gear used:
-GoPro 4 Black
-Canon 70D
-Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L
-Manfrotto tripod with 3130 video head
-Feiyu Tech 3 Axis Gimbal for Go Pro Image Stabilazation
-Syrp Variable ND Filter
-Dakine camera backpack
-Final Cut Pro to for editing
-Zoom H6 with audio technica lav mic
-Rhode for iphone lav mic
-Rhode VideoMicPro

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