Begin Again – Moving To Wellington – Ep. 2

Begin Again – Moving To Wellington – Ep. 2

What if you could reset

Start again fresh

Lose the baggage of the past

Mistakes turned into opportunities

Nothing holding you back

What would you do differently?

First few weeks of landing to New Zealand was like living in a visual sugar rush.

Everything is new and exciting. Even the trees are interesting which got us some odd looks from the locals. And yes, we did do some tree hugging.

The only thing we had when we came into this country were two 30kg bags and backbags.

We spent the first week in an awesome Air BnB while going for apartment hunting and getting the basic things like a bed and some furniture and cooking supplies.

We learned fast that New Zealanders aren’t too shy of cold.

The windows only have 1 glaze which means it’s not just gold and super high moisture inside but also it’s windy in the house.

The people here have been super friendly and helpful and even the people at the street came to our help when we looked lost. Who does that? Pretty cool we thought.

IMG_8355Coming in fresh to the country it’s easy to see the contrast compared to where we lived before.

Pretty much everyone leaving the bus say thank you to the driver which was one of the smallest, yet most awesome things we discovered. Something I’ve never done or heard anyone do in Finland.

Finding an apartment was challenge. A lot of other people looking for a place were competing with us and the apartments we went to see smelled like mold and were in pretty bad condition.

We got pretty desperate about finding a place without mold. It gets really moist here during the winter but luckily I guess in this case Wellington is the windiest city in the world. So if your apartment sits on one of the hills at least you can went it out smile emoticon

Luckily we find our new home and the landlord being from Europe himself and super relax was happy to rent a little studio for us.

Still though due to the electricity being 10X pricier than in Finland we were freezing our butts off while blowing up the electricity bill.

Most times undressing our puffy jackets was out of the question when we came home from organizing our life.

We had to find a bed first, rent a manual van and drive on the left side of the road, get cheap utensils and few key pieces of furniture like chairs as we only had one to begin with.

Then setting up bank accounts and finally trying not to buy a lemon car that wouldn’t leave us on the side of the road and that we could sleep in during our future trips. I went through all kinds of websites reading advices on how the car dealers try to trick you and was pretty overwhelmed when we finally found the car we were looking for.

It was interesting to follow our daily habits and routines as we got a fresh start. Your brain on novel get’s excited on all things new and it’s an opportunity to break old habits and start new ones.

It was also cool to start without any baggage of the past and only get things we truly needed. It’s funny to think now how we have a storage full of stuff back home in Finland that we don’t need.

Definitely puts you thinking how much “stuff” and gadgets you really need…

IMG_4864Finally we got our life setup in area called Hataitai. We’re only a 10 minute walk from lord of the rings filming location, 10 minutes to amazing walks along the coastline and 5min walk from the best look out into the town Mt. Victoria.

Now we’re ready for the real adventures to begin and to discover the best these islands has to offer.

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